Information, terms and conditions appearing on this page and overleaf represent the full extent of the agreement between us. Please read this document carefully. If you require any changes please make sure that you ask for these to be put in writing to avoid uncertainty.

  1. Definitions. In these terms and conditions and in all Contracts to which these conditions apply:
    1. “the customer’ shall mean yourselves
    1. “the Company” shall mean Nankivells Sheffield Ltd or Nankivells
    1. “the goods” shall mean the furniture specified in the drawings, which shall constitute the contract.
    1. “the quotation/order document” shall constitute the contract.
  • Terms of Payment
    • Cash Sales: – A deposit of the total price of the agreement is payable by the customer. A further payment of the total price of the Agreement is payable on or before installation of the materials.
    • Finance Sales: -Finance can be arranged with Atkinsons directly
    • The price quoted on this Agreement is valid for up to 30 days from the date of the agreement. Thereafter it may be subject to an upward price review at the discretion of the company
    • Cheques shall be made to Nankivells or Atkinsons
    • The customer shall not be entitled to withhold any payment by reason of any alleged minor defects. The company will investigate any alleged defect after the payment in full of the balance on completion.
    • The company does all it reasonably can to ensure the price quoted by our agent at the time of the contract is correct. However, if the goods and/or the supply or installation of the goods have for any reason been under-priced by the agent then either party can elect to renegotiate the price upon the company notifying the customer of the discrepancy. In the event that a new price cannot be agreed then either party is entitled to terminate the contract, whereupon any deposit will be repaid in full. In these circumstances, the company will not make to the customer any payment for any loss the customer may suffer.
    • Payment of a deposit by any means is deemed as an acceptance of the order and the terms and conditions. Regardless of signing the order.
    • The company will ensure they shall complete the installation of the goods within a reasonable time. However, the company cannot be held responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond its control. In such cases the company will complete the work as soon as is reasonably possible taking the circumstances into account.
    • The customer agrees that there will be an available supply of water, gas and electricity on the premised for the purpose of carrying out the installation and such services will be supplied at no cost to the company.
    • The customer will agree to a date upon which the customer will give free access to the company installers to carry out the installation of the goods and shall ensure that any rerouting of electrical and plumbing works, or general building works are carried out at the customers own costs if not agreed prior to fitting with Nankivells, and in good time so that the company may install the goods at the agreed time
    • If the customer will not give the company free access at the agreed date or within 14 days of such agreed date then the customer will be notified in writing that the good have been manufactured and the full balance of the agreement would fall due for payment within 7 days of the notice period. Should the customer then decide to go ahead with the installation the company reserves the right to carry out the installation within 3 weeks of the customer notifying the company in writing of their desire to proceed.
    • Any defects must be notified (in writing) to the customer services manager at the address shown on the order/quotation, within 14 days of the installation, otherwise the company will assume that the contract has been performed to the customer’s satisfaction. Any defects beyond the initial 14-day period will be dealt with as a guarantee claim.
    • The company will do all that it reasonably can to meet the date given for delivery and/or installation. However, in the case of unforeseen circumstances, the company may not be able to do so and cannot therefore guarantee delivery or installation dates. If the company cannot deliver or install on time this is not deemed to be a breach of contract. The company will contact the customer and agree an alternative date.
      in such circumstances, the company will not make to the customer any payment of loss, whether direct or consequential, that they might suffer.
  • TERMINATION The goods ordered under this agreement are purpose made specifically for the customers particular requirements and accordingly any termination by the customer of the agreement may incur cost penalties. The customer is to pay for the goods in full if terminated after the goods have been made.
  • The company reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £30.00 against any agreement terminated by the customer. The company also reserves the right to charge for the legitimate costs incurred by way of materials and/or services such as survey costs, up to the time of notification by the customer of termination. Such costs may be offset against any deposit taken. Requests to terminate the agreement must be made in writing to; Nankivells, 4&5 Station Lane Industrial Estate, Station Lane, Old Whittington, Chesterfield S41 9QX

  • TITLE TO THE GOODS Unless otherwise agreed in writing all material delivered to the customers premises in connection with the work shall be at the customers risk after delivery. Ownership and legal title of such materials shall not pass to the customer until full balance of the agreed contract price has been paid.

  • DAMAGE The company will ensure that all necessary action is taken to avoid damages to the goods when installing the same and shall ensure that the installation is fitted in accordance with the specification outlines in the drawings. The company will not however be responsible for any non-alignment of the installation by reason of the installation being fitted on carpet at the customer’s request.

  • PROPERTY It is assumed that the customers’ property is of an adequate construction to accommodate the fitting of furniture, i.e. that there are no building defects such as dry rot, wet rot, rising damp, condensation, etc. Nankivells accept no liability for any problems arising out of structural defects of the customers property unless disclosed to us in writing. If at any time the installation is, for a structural or technical difficulty, impractical, the company may terminate the contract. If the company terminates under these conditions then any deposit paid will be refunded. However, the company will not make to the customer any payment for any loss the customer may suffer. The customer accepts that the installation may cause damage to decorations. Reinstatement of decorations and re-flooring works are not included in the price and are the customers responsibility.
    • In the event that any installation required a penal to be greater than 2200mm the company reserves the right to make a joint in the panel making good the same and such circumstances the customer shall raise no complaint there on.
    • Only items that are included on the contract will be supplied. Customers should not assume items such as shelves, mirrors, racks, etc., will be supplied unless they are stated on the contract.

  • BUILDING REQULATIONS The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the installation of the goods complies with fire regulations and that any necessary building consents are obtained

    • Late customer alterations to orders cannot be accepted once the survey has been completed. Any variations post survey may result in additional costs for which the customer may be liable. Post survey customer variations to orders, may also result in delays to agreed fitting dates and the company will not accept any claims for such delays
    • All telephone communications in connection with this order must be confirmed in writing within 3 days of the telephone call.
    • NB. These terms may not be varied by any company representative.

GUARANTEE Both workmanship and materials are covered by the terms of our 3 year guarantee.

VALUE ADDED TAX Will be charged at the rate prevailing at the installation date.

Unless carried out by Nankivells it is the customers responsibility that any change to gas or electric’s be it new or existing will meet all requirements of legislation