A Family Friendly Kitchen

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The complete guide to designing a family friendly kitchen.

Nankivells in Sheffield Is a family run business for over 40 years and knows the importance of designing a kitchen perfect for a family.  We often hear the saying ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’ where the whole family gathers to be together to enjoy quality time.

Design A Kitchen The Nankivells Way

Designing a kitchen to maximise your storage needs, at Nankivells we manufacture bespoke kitchen units, thus meaning that these can be made at any size, height, width of depth.  Manufacturing our own units means that the kitchen can be made to the exact measurements, which will ensure that you benefit from the best storage options available.

Popularity Of Open Plan Kitchens

At Nankivells Sheffield we have seen a rise in families choosing open plan kitchens for their growing families. The benefits of open plan kitchens are endless, but the main factors are it increases the size of the space available, creates a brighter space with enhanced lighting.  The perfect blend between a practical kitchen area and a social entertaining space, open plan kitchens are often the hub of the home, offering somewhere for the family to congregate and keep better connected. What’s more, they’re the perfect space for celebrating summer lunches or Christmas with guests.

Top Tips To Designing A Kitchen

Here are some of our top tips to kitchen design:-

  • When designing a family friendly kitchen, we need to consider the practicality alongside the safety aspects of a functioning kitchen. Family friendly appliances are designed with safety features and user friendly controls.
  • Incorporating a kitchen island into a kitchen, creates an accessible work space from all sides, while also adding extra storage.  An island can be used for different functions, whether it be an extra cooking space or used as a communal spot for relaxed dining.
  • Choosing the right worktop is a key consideration early in the process of planning your kitchen. 

Choosing The Right Kitchen Worktop

A natural focal point of your kitchen, worktops have a huge impact on the overall look. But they’re also a functional decision, as you interact with your worktops multiple times every day.

So before you buy, it’s important to ask yourself some crucial questions, such as, what kind of cook are you? Do you make everything from scratch, spreading ingredients across the worktops, rolling out dough, using hot and sharp tools, or prefer a more hands-off approach?   The most important factor to think about with kitchen worktops, is what material the surface is made of. The most popular and common choices are natural materials (wood, stone), man-made composite (quartz, corian) and alternative materials such as laminate, stainless steel and dekton. Each material has its own characteristics and original properties. 

Why Choose Nankivells For Your Fitted Kitchen in South Yorkshire?

The beauty of using a company like Nankivells who manufacture bespoke kitchens, enables you to maximise your choices – without compromising on your kitchen.  The kitchen itself will be designed alongside your requirements. Every customers kitchen is a unique kitchen manufactured just for them.