Benefits Of Hideaway Beds

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Hideaway beds are a cost effective and space saving solution for every night use, in every possible setting.

The effect of a hideaway bed can be visually stunning. Matching wardrobes, bedside tables, open shelf units, computer stations and TV cabinets compliment the wall bed cabinet so well that you would never know that it was actually a bed.

With the increase in property prices, moving home can be an expensive option, but people still need more and more space to live and work within.  A hideaway bed allows you to have a dual purpose room and utilise the area more effectively and most importantly keep within a budget.

A bedroom designer can provide the necessary advice and suggestions, and measure the room to ensure the practicalities of space to manoeuvre in the room are met with your requirements of the room itself.

Please see the link to our recent installations to see some of the hideaway beds we have already completed:

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